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Web Designing

Basic Computer courses
Graphic design plays an important role in the field like

Design of commercial advertisements
Web design

The best available software for graphic field is produced by Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe PageMaker, and Adobe indesign.

At the Media Base we use all these software to train our students.

Also, our students get the opportunity to take part in the graphic designs we undertake to produce.

Adobe Photoshop

Introduction to Graphic designing
Introductions to Photoshop
Interface & Basic tools
Working with Layers
Photo editing tools
Practical photo editing
Painting Images
Working with Channels & mask
Drawing paths using pen tool
Create a Project



  Adobe Illustrator

Introduction to Illustrations
Introduction to adobe illustrator
Inter face & tools
Creating Basic Shapes (Designing a new Object)
Painting tools and techniques
Working with Text
Drawing Shapes Using pen tool
Working with Brushes
Create a project





Adobe PageMaker

Introduction to layout designing
Introduction to PageMaker
Creating work Area
Working with Text
Adding Designing Elements
Setting up templates & styles
Adding colors
Using Layers

Adobe InDesign

Introduction to InDesign
Creating Documents
Creating work Area
Work with Text
Work with Frames
Appling colors & Gradients
Create a project

Course duration : 3 Months
Course Fee : 12,000 Rs